Feature Set and Key Library Function APIs

Our aim is to form a greater parity between digital and physical library spaces, with comparable feature sets of search, help placing requests, checkouts, and managing accounts, in only a few taps. This allows libraries to meet the mobile challenge and better compete in the war of convenience for users. Our end product further emphasizes user experience and customer service as key principles in library culture. At its core, Queens Virtual Library provides more convenience for patrons engaged in essential library functions and information literacy.

Queens Library continues to exercise comprehensive formulating, gathering, and testing of API standards for library operations. Guided by team input, customer feedback, and active partnerships with best-of-breed industry vendors, we adopt custom code and fresh technology to improve our data schemas and workflow structures. This course of action results in an enhanced understanding of how to run a modern library, bridging organizational capability and patron desires with deliverable solutions.

Learn about our API standardization efforts with our eContent and library partners.

Demo Video

Above is a video of the latest release of our Queens Library mobile application. It’s a short walk-through of what users can expect when they download our mobile application from the iTunes store or Google Play store. Also check out the following demo for a sense of our tablet experience that patrons currently enjoy through our Queens Library tablet loaning program in New York.

Current & Planned Functions

Search Physical and Digital

Discover content in a single comprehensive interface that spans
our physical and digital collections.


Availability information is easily displayed and, in some cases,
is prioritized with a “browsing” filtered view.

Check Out
Check Out available titles in a snap by choosing the desired format. It’s easy because we minimize clicks and taps
Place Hold/Request

Search and browse materials that are in high demand and place a hold if a title is not immediately available.

Remove Hold/Request

Remove a hold associated with an account.

Flexible DRM

Our flexible framework works with Web Services (APIs), SIP, SIP 2, Adobe
Content Server, and the like.

Non-Intrusive Authentication

We work with our partners to ensure that authentications and logins are
in a non-intrusive manner.

Program Registration

Users can browse program sessions and register for them. They can also manage sessions within their account.

Versatile Downloads and Delivery

The platform can accommodate a number of file delivery options across multiple devices and cloud services.

Featured Content (CMS)

Publish and manage feature or marketing content that appears in
Queens Virtual Library interface..

Mobile Device Management

Manage and track your devices with class-leading mobile device
management software for enterprises.

Fee Payments

Fees can be paid inside a web or mobile interface, making it
convenient for patrons to stay current.


Create new channels of revenue by making it easy to receive donations via
the web or mobile application.

Social Media Integration

Users can connect with their social media accounts, and “like” or “share” details of materials and program sessions.

Variety of eContent Sources

Leverage a diverse list of content partners to provide patrons variety in eBooks and other eContent

Multiple Content Types

Our comprehensive search and discovery experience spans several media and content types.

Analytics and Reporting

Our platform provides reporting on anonymous user activity to establish trends, ROI, and buying decisions.

Multilingual Media

Our interface and eContent options are provided in multiple languages. We
continue to expand this catalog.

Search via Barcode Scanning

Scan almost any barcode or UPC number on a book or piece of media to
initiate a search in the catalog.

Queens Virtual Library Card App Screen
Forget your card? No worries. With our mobile apps our platform provides a virtual card screen on your device.
24/7 Contact Channel

Patrons can provide feedback or request support for library services all hours of the day

Manage My Account
Users can manage, edit, and verify many aspects of their account activity and relationship with the library.
Broadcast Notifications

Push important alerts, messages, and program and account status information.


Users can create, edit, and manage lists of material and featured content they wish to reference or share later.

ILS Integration

Our system integrates with almost any ILS with our own custom middleware, providing you seamless pass-through.

Branding and UI Customization

Partner libraries can insert their own branding and edit certain key features to suit user needs..

Location Listings and Mapping

Locations, address information, and contact information, including map reference for patrons, are listed.