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Simple Access to Everything.
Change the Conversation Back to the Mission of Information Literacy, Removing Barriers to Access.
Virtual Library is an integrated system created by Queens Library to improve eBook access & all services for public library users in either physical, or digital spaces.
Virtual Library answers today's challenges by clearing the clutter that plagues legacy library tools and provides a superior customer experience in a single comprehensive catalog.
Library systems are no longer chained to seldom- used tools, and can easily integrate with fresh partners via a plug-and- play methodology. Patrons also have flexible options to consume information and media on their terms.

The Virtual Library

Eliminates Information and Service Silos for Improved Customer Satisfaction

Serve your core library products and services from one unified system
Physical Catalog
Patrons can search the library's OPAC as they would expect, reserving books, CDs, DVDs and other media.
Digital eCatalog
Patrons can explore the library's digital content, accessing eBooks, audiobooks, streaming media, downloadable media and more.
Articles and Databases
Why not dive deep into a new world or open up a world of possibility right from your library's search results, without cumbersome access rules.
Custom Content
Libraries can now weave custom features and programming directly into their OPAC leveraging organic metadata connections in their collections.
Library Support
Reaching out to library staff and librarians for support gets easier with intuitive tools and available staff tuned to your success.
Three simple goals, now in reach:
Three simple goals, now in reach:
1. Single Comprehensive Catalog
Users can search and browse relevant items in either our physical or digital collections. This includes all material types, including eBooks, audiobooks, print, CDs, DVDs, articles and databases.
2. Easy Discoverability and Access
24/7 access and ease of locating library content, programming, and services, allows users to find what they want, when they want it.
3. Flexible Content and Delivery Options
Users can enjoy the ability to download, stream, or access the full complement of available content from all our strategic partners and publishers.
Give The Patrons What They Want.
Give The Patrons What They Want.
Access Information on Their Terms
Patrons want convenient access to core library functions with the ability to manage account activity.